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Click on the phone to see some crazy jumbles

Jumble Zoo is the awesome animal-based picture guessing game with a twist featuring the worlds most famous Monkey!

Jumble Zoo is the worlds first hybrid animal picture guessing game in which a selection of the planets most furry, crazy and rare animals have been jumbled just for your amusement!

The question is... Can you identify them all to win Dave's bananas within the jumble time!?

Press kit download here:

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  • Super challenging animal picture guessing game featuring over 300 animals in over 320 images, it's like an awesome hybrid Zoo online!
  • Meet the game guide 'Dave' the infamous monkey who took his own selfie!
  • Share your favourite jumbles with friends whilst playing this funny animal game to earn bonuses and in-game bananas
  • Hours of game play featuring crazy, rare, furry and cute animal pictures

Download the lite version here:

Download the premium version here: